The Yangzi in Spring

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The Yangzi in Spring 2003

Trip to China with Voyages Jules Verne.
9th April to 16th April 2003.

Eighteen of us intrepid tourists set off for a short but fully packed trip to China.

Not deterred by the SARS outbreak we had a chance to see the sights of Beijing and its surroundings and most importantly, a last chance to see the famous Yangzi Georges before they were flooded later in the year (Summer of 2003).

When we had left to go on the trip, we were all quite sure that the areas we were visiting were completely safe from the SARS outbreak. Even the Chinese themselves were not overly concerned. At the airports only a small number of facemasks could be seen.

Many of us when we returned had to undergo various levels of quarantine from our companies. The day we returned, the news hit that Beijing was also seriously effected. We had already heard that the next tours had been cancelled.

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