Bromsgrovian's 1987



Old Bromsgrovian's reunite in a shower of light
Date: 25th February 2004

The human brain is a strange thing. After more than 15 years, old friends are still (just) recognisable, but by the end of an evening, the mental image has been reset to the new model. Through the power of a network of colleagues, the internet and friendsreunited, Ivan Marcovic's Premier UK Exhibition entitled 'SculptLight' was enjoyed by a group of Old Bromsgrovians (all 1987).

Paul Languard, Martin Evans, Michael Sneath, Tony Blacker, Mo Fadlallah, Glyn Walters, Ivan Marcovic

After Bromsgrove, Ivan went to Canterbury University. He took a job with Adobe in 1990 before moving to their centre in Silicon Valley. He has since moved to Dublin where he works for himself. He wanted some striking lighting for some etchings of Mark Visone that he brought back from America, but rather than buy some, he decided to make his own. This sparked off his new hobby of 'Lighting Couture'. He hasn't changed a lot, and managed to rope in Paul Langard with a clipboard and literature at hand to help with publicising the "Bristling Armchair".

Of the OBs present, Martin Evans trained at Imperial College, and now lives with his wife Doris in Greenwich working in London in specialised communications computer programming. Michael Sneath lives in Essex. After two years in Florida designing and building diving equipment with his brother, Andrew, eight years building prototype cars for Ford and suppliers, Mike is now the business development manager for Tumarc, a leading vehicle diagnostics and telematics company based in Billericay, Essex. Paul Langard lives in Evesham with his wife Wendy and their three children. He works in Birmingham for his firm of IT accountants. Mo Fadlallah graduated from Middlesex University and has since been living and working in the cut-throat media and broadcasting industry in London. He has produced and directed various projects and looking to continue developing his career and nurturing his skills in the not so glamorous and lowly paid television and film industry! Glyn Walters lives in London and is now a leading international pianist and Nobel prize-winning astronaut (or a city dot-com specialising in online trading systems)! Tony Blacker is based in Leeds for his last year of surgical registrar training before looking for a consultant urologist post.

The exhibition was well attended by the press and friends alike. The works were both well presented and well received. All were professionally made, using quality materials (and some recycled scrap). The most creative use of resources was the 'Chrome Urinal', while the most innovative design was perhaps the 'Curved Drawers' that are able to vary the amount of light emitted by simply opening or closing the acrylic-walled drawers that contain the bulbs.

It was fun trying to guess how people's careers had panned out based on pre-conceptions from school. Having managed to get seven of us together, perhaps there is hope for a larger reunion of the Class of '87 in the future (is anyone willing to arrange this?) For more photos of the art and the people from that evening, see the gallery.

Please feel free to send in photos of other "Year of '87" events!

Tony Blacker

What is sculplight?

Here is how Ivan describes his luminous creations. "I call them light sculptures because as of yet I haven't come up with a better name. Even still, explaining exactly what a light sculpture is, is always an uphill struggle. Some are sculptures that light up, some more closely resemble pieces of furniture than lights and some are furniture that have embedded lights. The catalogue contains a selection of light sculptures, many more (including a number of commissions) can be found an the web site:"